11 Types of Digital Marketing to Know as a Pro

With the passage of time and technology, there has been a significant change in the varieties and types of digital marketing. However, the times have changed and the world is getting digitized at lightning speed. This has created online and offline business transactions and marketing simpler than what it is expected to be. Moreover, using the modern strategies of connectivity, there is an assurance of better reach and higher ranking for the products and services. Also, there are many different ways and kinds of digital marketing that must be explored at least once by every digital marketer.

Major types of digital marketing

The following are some of the major types of digital marketing which are most commonly offered and opted by digital marketers and clients today:

Content Marketing

As it is a known fact, content is considered the king in digital marketing. This is because the words or information used in write-ups occupy most of the space on the website. The reason to consider content marketing a prime one among the types of marketing is since words have power over users. Sometimes, apart from catchy images, it is the content that influences the potential buyers to at least look up the product or service. It is, in simpler words, the art of storytelling using the principles of AIDA (Attract, Interest, Desire, and Attention). Therefore, the best way to do content marketing is to start knowing your audience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing

The aim of marketing any product or service is to rank it on the first pages of the search platforms. This is again, not as simple as a process that people think of it to be. It is comparatively time taking and consists of a procedure that makes it completely accessible to the users. In fact, the process behind this is to find the words that people commonly use and rank the website accordingly. There is also a study conducted, on which keyword do people search the most. Ultimately, the usage of such keywords in the website and pages can help it rank better. Therefore, the first step is to find a keyword and use them in the headings, subheadings and all over the content.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click advertising, it is possible to advertise services and products for only a fraction of the normal price. is nothing else but charging for advertising only when someone is interested in it and clicks on it, so it will go to the website of our service or product. This means that we do not have to pay for thousands of people who only look at our advertisement, and only for people who will be interested in advertising, that is our products and services and enter our company website which usually means that they will want to buy a product sold there or contact us to take advantage of our services.

All this makes it possible to run an advertising campaign that will cost us no more than several hundred rupees a month, and this amount is already available to all persons running a sole proprietorship. One of the most well-known companies that enable advertising campaigns of this type is Google Adwords. Of course, there are many others, however, Google Adwords is the most effective and is visible on most websites.

Social Media Marketing

Social media are the best platforms to market since they are filled with a group of like-minded and enthusiastic marketers. The whole purpose behind these types of digital marketing is to create a common social media platform for the users and spread awareness through the same. Since the social media platforms assure a rapport with the audience, the impact created is larger than the traditional platforms. If there are good content ideas and an attractive set of images that comply with the information, then half success is assured for the website.

Other different types of digital marketing

The following are some other different types of digital marketing that one should know:

E-mail Marketing

E-mails have now become an inevitable factor in one’s daily life and are therefore considered to be of great importance. E-mail marketing has gained more prominence in the present times because these assure quicker and greater reach to the audience. An email is a powerful tool which is regularly used to promote your product, services, and offers and through the same, more brand awareness is so

Influence Marketing

Be it in the past or the present times, people fall for influencers rather than advertisements during the purchase of a product or service. However, what makes this kind of marketing different from the others is the fact that here, the marketers conduct a study on the most influencing aspects of the product or service. In such types of digital marketing again, the marketers group the most influenced set of audience. Again, a study is conducted on what factors or features of the product do they feel most influencing and develop on the same.

Affiliate Marketing

The name affiliate marketing is, in fact, a derivative from the term ‘affiliates or middlemen’. Unlike the other types of digital marketing, these are more of an indirect way of marketing. Hence, the only aspect that makes it different than the others is the role of third parties in making the marketing cycle complete. The third parties here are a group of individual or a small group of marketers who provide their services at a fixed rate. Affiliate marketers again follow the traditional practices of marketing unlike the digital platforms to gain more reach for the website.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is comparatively a simpler strategy which is a part of digital marketing. It involves the process of marketing using simple mobile screens. This is again, one of the most popular ways to gain reach to the desired crowd of an audience in very limited time. It then takes the form of messages, videos, images or even text messages. Similarly, using mobile platforms adds to the search predictability of the users. Therefore, this is one of those strategies that gain more reach and popularity amongst the audience.

Additional kinds of digital marketing

Cross Media Marketing

Cross-media marketing is a mixture of all the traditional and digital marketing possibilities on to a single platform. Here, the users are attracted to the product or service through images, content and all other inputs, all in proportion. However, here, in this platform, the separate evaluation of the results in each platform would be a difficult process. Again, another peculiarity of this platform is that it fetches mass benefits that using platforms individually

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is that process which is done in a particular community for a certain reason. It is mostly taken by a nongovernmental organization, for a social cause. This then drives in better relationships than profitability. This is also done to bring in enough corporate social responsibility and compliance with ethical standards. This is mainly taken up to for a noble cause and makes effective fulfillment of requirements.

Relationship Marketing

As the name denotes, this kind of marketing brings a correlation between marketing and the individuals involved in it. It mainly works through advertising and also communication beyond the work-related matters. It is then evaluated on the basics of pf demographics and structured data from several resources. On the whole, such a method of marketing gives scope for large scale interactions and the study of the requirements of the users.

Digital marketing as a platform is not just one opportunity but a million opportunities that can help in building relationships and profits. Hence, it is essential for a digital marketer to know their difference and make the most of each of it.

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